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Higher Landing is leading the evolution of the outplacement and transition industry by offering our transformation clients a leading edge program with a multi-faceted team of professionals who will provide complete career transformation. 

We take the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, values, passions, and purpose.



Jackie Rafter


Are you ready for the off-season? What about your transition to a new career after hockey?

The Professional Hockey Players Association has shown that many professional hockey players are poorly prepared for their retirement from competition and may face considerable difficulties in coping with the significant life changes that accompany the end of their sports careers and sports identities.

A career transition for a business professional is no different than a career transition in sport. Although for athletes the change can be more dramatic. 


How do you transition from a sport that defined their life AND move forward in a new career without getting homesick for the person you used to be?

As former NHL agitator Sean Avery explained his latest post for The Players’ Tribune, moving on from hockey has its challenges.

 “At the end of every season, professional athletes have two realities: we’re either celebrating a championship, or we’re saying, ‘wait until next season,’” Avery said. “But there eventually comes a third reality called ‘Transition Season.’  You hang up your skates, and call it a day. There won’t be another season. There’s just the rest of your life.”
“It’s difficult to explain to a fan, but your life as a professional athlete is coloured with uncertainty.”
–Sean Avery  

 What’s Next?

One of the biggest challenges when transitioning a career – whether business or athletic – is the uncertainty and identity crisis of “what’s next?”

The point is, an athlete IS NOT THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THEIR JERSEY.  They are much more.  But realizing this is a process of self-discovery.  How ironic, especially when the public clearly defined who they were.  Now they must define themselves.

Suddenly they’re lumped in with everyone else and realty sets in because they:

  • Are not part of the team anymore
  • Don’t know their skill set or real value in the work world
  • Have lost their identity as an athlete
  • Have lost their title and their power
  • Have no more adrenaline rush
  • Have lost their fans and followers


All the things that allowed athletes to play their sport at the highest level - discipline, commitment, and perseverance - will serve former athletes well after they retire.  The challenge is to connect those unique gifts and passions with a career that resonates with them and capitalizes on their unique talents. 

It’s time to start training for the new season.

Higher Landing helps people identify who they are outside of sports.  We’ve designed a program specifically for transitioning athletes into the workforce – whether in the junior leagues or the NHL. 

Transition.  Branding.  Marketing.

Higher Landing is in a league of its own by the depth and breadth of practical, go-to-market services offered to help its clients land higher.   No company in Canada, possibly the world, is offering the unique combination of services to help athletes and professionals transition back to the workplace.  Our results focused program zeros in on career transformation and involves three comprehensive steps:

TRANSITION – helps you define and discover who you are outside the rink. This includes proprietary transformation coaching process, psychometric testing, identification of strengths, values, passions, resume and interview prep and helps define and commit to what’s possible for you. 

 BRANDING – helps you design your go-to-market strategy.  This includes identifying your pitch, prospects and branding recommendations.  You also experience a panel review of the discovery process, a team of creative and business professionals to help you define your brand and identify skills or education gaps, telling your brand story, clarifying your value proposition, ensuring consistency of messaging both on line and face-to-face, rehearsal of presentation skills, determining short and long range goals and assessing market readiness.

MARKETING – helps expose and deliver you to a new fan base.  This includes polishing your brand, customizing brand delivery, strategically positioning you to your target market and marketing you to a tactical list of potential employers.  We help you reach your ideal employer, whether it’s face-to-face, via telephone, by the latest social media tools and techniques or skill marketing workshops.  The goal is to help you open doors you may not open on your own while having access to our vast network and strategic introductions.


Higher landing helps you find new dreams, new records to break, and new goals to achieve. As a sports agent manages sports careers, we manage your post-season career.

Just like an agent, we’re in your corner no matter what. Our GOAL is to not just help you land a job, but land higher.  We are your number one resource for all career management efforts for continued success in the work world.

We make sure you finish first.  So, what’s your next play?