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Higher Landing is leading the evolution of the outplacement and transition industry by offering our transformation clients a leading edge program with a multi-faceted team of professionals who will provide complete career transformation. 

We take the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, values, passions, and purpose.



Jackie Rafter

The secret to success… follow your passions!

Land higher… or face the consequences.

At the age of 40, my dad has his second anxiety attack.   He almost died. A cleaner found him collapsed on his drafting table in his basement office around midnight.  Rushed to hospital, the doc said he either had to find a new career or expect his 2 kids to grow up without a father.  It was 1968 and back then, you had a job for life.  Only the crazies would follow doctor’s orders like this. Heaven forbid, it wasn’t safe, responsible or socially acceptable to make a career change at 40.   It was a time when you were lucky to have a job and “sucked it up” for a paycheque.

He had a family to support and hated his job. He was so good that his boss kept giving him more and more responsibility.  He had his sheet metal ticket but was doing the job of a mechanical engineer. Failure was not an option. So he worked until he practically killed himself.  Literally.

Do you know anyone who can relate to this story?
Stuffed with anti-anxiety drugs, he sat there as the doctor had the sense to ask him what his passions were. VERY strange question - especially back then.  All his life he loved dogs.  That love eventually grew in to becoming a top Canadian hunting dog competitor.  But it was a hobby – not a well-paying career.

So, the doc suggested he change his career to involve dogs. CRAZY DOCTOR!  How could dogs ever earn a living for a young family of 4 - in 1968?

Without getting in to the details, we moved to a barren piece of land in Dewinton, Alberta when I was 8 years old, barely having enough money for new clothes (which probably explains my passion for them now).  Everyone told my dad he was crazy to put our family in such financial jeopardy.  Fast forward 10 years and that family business became one of Western Canada’s largest boarding kennels, housing up to 200 furry friends.
Despite the odds – financially and professionally– his passion helped him create a life many envied.  The naysayers were eating crow and suddenly wanted to be “Freddy Rafter’s buddy”.  How ironic.

THE LESSON:  Don’t wait for the crisis!
International author and speaker Robin Sharma said, “We spend the first 40 years of our life trying to be someone we’re not, and the last 40 going back to who we are.”  This was certainly my dad’s case.

Whatever crisis serves as the turning point, often something happens to remind us of who we really are - or who we are not.

When we make decisions solely on what our HEAD thinks is right, it’s usually hard for us to show up as ourselves.   I’ve met many people who take a job solely for the paycheque and end up selling their soul to the devil. Yet they stay months, even years in a situation that hardly resonates with them because they THINKit’s the right thing to do.  They couldn’t be more WRONG. 

Head vs. Heart
Here’s the catch…  remembering who we are means getting out of our head and in to our heart.  Yet for so many people, this isn’t safe, acceptable or “cool”.  Some shun the thought or don’t know what it means.  Others don’t know any different – their current state of dysfunction and misery has become their “new normal”.
But living constantly in your head can be deadly.  Literally. 

Have you ever taken a job just for the paycheque because your “head” said it was the right thing to do?  It ends up sopping the life out of you, doesn’t it?  How many people do you know hate their job, work for a paycheque, feel trapped, think there’s nothing else they can do or feel it’s too late to change careers?   And how many people do you know suffer job and stress related illness – migraines, obesity, diabetes, depression, mental health issues, accelerated aging and even premature death?

My dad taught me the importance of connecting your head to your heart which was one of the inspirations for Higher Landing.   In his case, he didn’t have a choice.  You probably do.  And if you connect your head to your heart, you will become unstoppable because you will proudly show up as yourself .  This is the first step to unleashing your potential.   

 We created Higher Landing to help people identify and unleash their gifts. We are on a mission to improve the labour force, thereby creating enormous opportunities and improved productivity for people and organizations.

We believe doing what you love to do is a process of self-discovery.   You need to know who you are and how your natural talents can be applied to awesome work.  And oddly enough, money usually follows people who are doing what they love.  But the compensation is far greater than just the almighty buck - it also provides inner peace and renewed energy and well-being because you are no longer swimming upstream, but doing what resonates with WHO YOU ARE. 

 To achieve your potential, you must love what you do, and only YOU know what that is.   Nothing gets us more excited than to see you at the top of your game.  You have a right to be happy, fulfilled and successful.   

We are here to help you not only land a job, but to transform and land higher.  Are you ready to become the CEO of your career?  We are, and we’re excited to take the journey with you.

Jackie Rafter
President, Higher Landing