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Higher Landing is leading the evolution of the outplacement and transition industry by offering our transformation clients a leading edge program with a multi-faceted team of professionals who will provide complete career transformation. 

We take the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, values, passions, and purpose.




Jackie Rafter

Career “transition” has gone the way of the Dodo bird…

By Jackie Rafter

If you are an Albertan, you will have noticed that our employment sector is in the midst of generational disruptive change - financial crisis, job loss and lots of red ink.

As such, “career transition” is not an option in markets suffering from the economic wrath that resource-based cities like Calgary have endured.  This is because there is nothing to “transition” to, particularly if you are a professional from the energy sector.

Armageddon best describes the oil and gas employment sector right now. The reality? Many non-resource based employers will not hire “dirty oil” people as they believe they are an entitled lot and will flee the moment the energy sector recovers.  Desperation has crept in as our greatest economic contributors, historically, are panicking, looking for roles far beneath their capabilities or leaving the province (or country!).

Panic has engulfed an exceedingly competitive job market in Alberta for 2 reasons:

a) a challenging economy with excessive unemployment; and

b) traditional job search has changed

 Resumes and cover letters simply aren’t enough when times are competitive, as they are now.  Spinning CV’s out on social media is like playing the job lottery, so don’t expect a call back any time soon…

 At Higher Landing, we get people back to work using new, proven methods, which is illustrated by our 83%+ landing rate in one of the worst job markets in Canadian history!


 1.     Identify transferable skills.  Do some self-discovery work to get clear on who you are and what you really want.  What skills do you have outside of your last job that can be applied elsewhere?

 2.     What value do you bring to an organization?  If you don’t know how a business will be different with you on the team, you’re probably not ready to apply. It’s important to do your due diligence so you can educate someone on why they should hire you.

 3.     Market yourself to targets who will value you.  This means getting out of your comfort zone and using your network to strategically get in front of decision makers. If this makes you squirm, hire or engage the assistance of others.

 4.     Be aware of the hidden job market.  Most hires in tough markets are not from job ads, but from the concealed job market (most jobs are NOT posted). With reports of over 2,000 applicants applying for one job, who wants the challenge of sorting through that? Companies are open to resourceful ways to create value; write your own job description by showing what you can bring to the table.

 At our last Grizzly Den, every single one of our clients received a job interview from a Grizzly company for jobs that were not posted.  Many of these were for opportunities outside of their former profession.

 Invest in yourself. Do the self-discovery work.  Do not limit yourself to jobs you’ve done in the past.  And remember the importance of transforming your career, rather than transitioning it, especially if you are in a tough and competitive market, or if there is nothing in your field to transition to.

 Do NOT rely on traditional job search methods.  Times are rapidly changing and job search is, too.

 For more information on strategic job search and career transformation, contact Higher Landing at