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Higher Landing is leading the evolution of the outplacement and transition industry by offering our transformation clients a leading edge program with a multi-faceted team of professionals who will provide complete career transformation. 

We take the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, values, passions, and purpose.


Shuttle Program


Shuttle Program


This is Higher Landing’s flagship program that is delivered by a multi-faceted team of professionals who provide complete career transformation. It takes the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, interests, values, identity and purpose.

Then, it goes further by adding personal branding to client programs. These services set a new industry standard, helping to uncover hidden opportunities and achieve not just career transition, but career transformation.  This program is found to substantially improve “landing rates” and also provides access to mentors - including Grizzlies.

This results focused program extends far beyond resume assistance and involves three comprehensive steps:

1.  Transition

Progressive one-on-one career transition sessions with a qualified Higher Landing Career Transformer that engage each transformation client in a self-discovery process that connects their head with their heart, and identifies strengths, values, passions, and purpose.

2.  Branding

Branding sessions and workshops with our creative team that defines each transformation client’s unique “brand”, including preparation of a "Branding Brief"

3.  Marketing

Strategic marketing training and advice, including access to the "Market Yourself Like a Pro" workshop which covers direct marketing training to decision makers.

This also includes an opportunity to present to Higher Landing’s Flagship “Grizzly Den”.

The Shuttle Program includes:

  • 7 one-on-one coaching sessions with a Higher Landing Career Transformer. Includes a change management process that evaluates skills, passions, values, identity, purpose & branding brief.

  • A go-to-market strategy session to define target market & marketing approaches.

  • Opportunity to present in the Grizzly Den, a panel of arms-length decision makers, who help or hire the client and determine market readiness.

  • Opportunity to become “Grizzly Certified”.

  • LinkedIn review

  • Access to the “Landing Port” online career evaluation & job search tool

  • Access to all career transformation workshops & clinics

  • Landing Port orientation

  • Guest invitation to the Grizzly Den

  • Invitation to Higher Landing Alumni & networking events

The Landing Port

This comprehensive and self-paced career evaluation and job search portal includes:

  • Psychometric Assessments - separate assessments for career preferences, interests, personality type, values, strengths and working styles.

  • Resume Manager - allows client to instantly populate this tool with a current resume or LinkedIn profile, and create custom resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, among others, for each job opportunity.

  • Opportunity Tracker - allows client to search jobs and research companies online, and save opportunities of interest to this tool to keep track of key dates, communications sent and received, action plans, scheduled interviews, etc.

  • Interview Streams - this state of the art tool allows client to choose from over 7,000 interview questions to create a custom interview where Interview Stream asks the questions, and records the candidates answers (both audio and video) for review and evaluation. Candidates can send recorded interviews to anyone with an email address to receive parallel evaluation and feedback.

  • Numerous other resources including networking skills and strategies, negotiating a job offer and integrating into your new job.

This program also supports those interested in entrepreneurial endeavours, board opportunities and preparing for retirement.

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