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Higher Landing is leading the evolution of the outplacement and transition industry by offering our transformation clients a leading edge program with a multi-faceted team of professionals who will provide complete career transformation. 

We take the traditional transition process to a new level with a proprietary approach that aims to connect head with heart, and identify strengths, values, passions, and purpose.



"  I truly enjoyed myself and would love to attend a future Grizzly’s Den event. I applaud the work you and Kevin are doing with Higher Landing. It is remarkable how quickly you have been able to gain significant traction within the recruitment and career transformation market and have completely changed the way people perceive outplacement services. I really do believe you are making a difference."
~ GM of Major Oil and Gas Firm

"I would encourage anyone who has been stuck in the mediocrity of their careers, who has been displaced from their job, or who is looking to transform their career to contact Higher Landing and let them help you explore your full potential. You may just surprise yourself.
In this economy, with my limited experience in the Calgary market, I came away from the process with all that I could have hoped for – I landed higher!"
~ Trish Sims, CA, Senior Finance Manager & Higher Landing Client (read her blog here)

"Interesting, informative, & scary lunch and learn yesterday.  It'll be a good starting point for me to stew over next-steps"
~ Lunch and Learn Participant

"I found the topic very interesting and the questions that were presented gave me some future homework to do. 
 I especially found the hierarchy gave me clarity because I can see where I am on the hierarchy and see that perhaps there is something more out there for me to consider."
~ Lunch and Learn Participant

"You have a well designed program.  I feel that your program schedule reflects the process an individual goes through when facing a change whether voluntarily or involuntarily. I found the section on values and beliefs particularly helpful.  I think it will help me focus on where my future career path may lead.  This section also helped me to evaluate the reasons I wanted to make a career change."
~  Cheryl, Lawyer

"Higher Landing is addressing an area I feel that has been sorely missed over the years- helping people with not only what they can do, but also with what they want to do and are passionate about!"
~ Stuart, Business Development Manager

"My experience with Higher Landing was top notch from start to finish. I found them to be very professional, listening and asking the right questions in order to determine my exact needs and I was kept up to date at all times. It makes a huge difference having someone in your corner with that level of experience, knowledge and ultimately, customer service."
~ Jen, Senior Administrator

 "It is a perfect fit me, right now, given that I am looking for a new challenge and I want to break away from all the old patterns of just landing a job - I want a career that I love and I can already see I am on the right path after just
4 sessions with my Career Transformer!"
~ Catherine, Executive Assistant

"The outline of the program is very well thought out and builds on the theme of defining one's brand and
to market that brand.

My career transformer has been awesome. I was a bit down at our last meeting before she left but she quickly grabbed the negative side of what I was feeling and had me rephrase what I was feeling in a positive light. That kind and genuine gesture really made me feel she was in my corner and had my back."
~ Marian, President, Oilfield Services

"The program helps you and forces you to ask and answer some pretty tough questions. Some of the realizations reinforce things that you already know about yourself but other things, such as some of the results of personality tests, revealed new information which was helpful.

One ah-ha moment was when I realized how much energy it drains from me to work with individuals who weren't ethical and who were narcissistic. I realized that working for people who were interested in mentoring others and looking out for their team was paramount in my next role.

I learned that there are aspects of my personality that are very different when I'm at home versus when I'm at work which was an interesting realization. It has been really enjoyable working with Regan. She is a positive and follows up on things quickly. I appreciated her counsel throughout the process especially when I had tough decisions to make."
~ Paul, Partner, Professional Services Firm

Enjoyed my role as a Grizzly...The event was a great experience for me and I think you have something going with its philosophy!  You are bettering people's lives!
- Joe Forzani, Retired Pro Athlete, Entrepreneur

“... thank you for an excellent introduction to your company and your novel and refreshing approach to the relocation/transformation business. I enjoyed the session very much and it was clear that everyone present did the same. You certainly made it happen.”
~ Easton, Oil & Gas Executive

It was a great session, very insightful, and very interesting.  You are a great speaker and facilitator, exceptional really!
~ Jill, Workshop Participant

"Given where I am professionally it was very timely, relevant, interesting, and helpful.  I loved the interaction throughout the afternoon.  Sharing our own examples, getting feedback from others. For me, part of the learning and progress comes from what others’ feedback to me, and it was very helpful.

Loved the Appreciative Inquiry assignment and how it was referenced in later exercises.
The material is very thorough.

I think the Branding and Marketing is hugely relevant and unique to Higher Landing... Especially valuable or those who need to sell themselves.

Higher landing is unique from typical outplacement firms in that it helps those people looking to land higher in your best job. An exciting concept!
~ Megan, HR Executive/Consultant

"Thank you for the invitation to attend your seminar; it was enlightening to say the least! I enjoyed the discussions and interaction with all attended."
~ Workshop Participant

"It was so good I wish it was longer!  I wanted more!"
~ Workshop Participant